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Managing your wealth involves far more than managing an investment portfolio. It begins with developing a comprehensive understanding of who you are and the financial forces at work in your family’s life. And for high-net-worth families, it becomes that much more important to understand how changing tax laws, estate planning decisions, and investment selection can impact your family’s legacy.

Melville Wealth Management Group has worked closely with high-net-worth families for two decades. Below are three core areas that we believe are critical to helping unique investors like you pursue their long-term goals over multiple generations:

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Above-average wealth requires above-average wealth management. We will not only take a deep dive into your individual financial picture but the complexities of your family dynamics as well. This involves getting to know your beneficiaries so we can develop a strategic wealth management plan that involves each generation.


High-net-worth investors and families often create similar investment accounts at different institutions, thinking that may be an effective strategy to mitigate their risk. Doing this, however, counteracts the idea behind diversification in that it can create confusion when attempting to keep track of your assets.

Consolidating your assets under a professional financial advisor may offer lower costs, streamline administration, and reduce the likelihood that your investment efforts overlap or contradict your overall plan.


Bring your children in the next time a financial meeting is scheduled and help them build a relationship with your trusted advisor. Having this meeting with your advisor is an excellent and non-threatening way to shed light on your situation. We can work closely with your tax and legal professionals to help ensure tax and estate planning issues are comprehensively addressed.

We are privileged to demonstrate a strategy that reflects your individual needs and seeks to continue your family legacy for generations to come.

Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

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